Friday, October 30, 2009

Haiku Spam

Don't know how I got on this email list, but I've been enjoying the unintentional content. Apparently, this company is trying to sell me some sort of device or treatment for "male enhancement." And this is the result (I've removed the link that always appears between the second and third lines of the text.) The language (I've left all of their original misspellings) reminds of what happens when companies outsource their installation instructions to non-Native English speakers.

May your industrial complex never get stinking drunk and your dolphin always beam with joy.


mastadons widow wrinkled
often behind dolphin beams with joy
and from demon


fetishists bubble soggy
greedily related to football team prays
or pork chop around


"Your schlong can be schlonger" (subject line of the email)

waifs omphalos false
accidentally for industrial complex gets stinking drunk
because fire hydrant over maestro


bubble baths taxidermist unsightly
often for inferiority complex ceases to exist
or from dolphin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under construction

Mind the back soon!