Saturday, December 19, 2009

100 Things I'm Grateful For

This is one of those good viruses that's been going around the Blogosphere. I'm happy to read about so many people who've taken a few minutes to list the things in their lives for which they are grateful. It's so important to remember what you're grateful for, especially when you're getting all grumbly about holiday shopping and stubbing your toe on the stairs. Here's my shot at it. I double-dog-dare you to make your own list. Or, just jot down a few things in the comments below. Remember, every time you voice a gratitude, an angel gets his wings (or that's how I think it goes...)

1. Chocolate.

2. I get to look out my back window and see horses. They’re not mine.

3. One of my novels is going to be published. Woo hoo!

4. Working from home, I no longer need to wear pantyhose.

5. Ditto heels.

6. Honey, in small quantities, is good for me.

7. Ditto red wine.

8. For the time being, I have a roof over my head.

9. All my limbs and organs are original issue and in good working order.

10. My wonderful husband, despite his fondness for Fox News, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

11. Earplugs.

12. Karma Road, a totally vegan take-out place, is only 15 minutes away.

13. Double-strength ginger tea.

14. The wonderful, inspirational, wise, beautiful, bountiful and blissful ladies in my life.

15. The guys, too.

16. I don’t live in Afghanistan (no disrespect meant to people who live in Afghanistan.)

17. The kindness of strangers.

18. My loving, crazy, amazing blended extended family. That includes you, Angelina.

19. I can get in my car and drive pretty much anywhere I want without asking permission or showing the proper credentials.

20. I no longer have to buy feminine sanitary products.

21. I live in a world where “friend” is a verb.

22. David Sedaris.

23. People who pop back into my life at just the right time.

24. Not getting everything on the “to do” list done and not caring.

25. Tomorrow.

26. Plushy bathrobes.

27. Roasted delicata squash with olive oil and sea salt.

28. Indoor plumbing.

29. The sum total of all of my failures, because they’ve made me who I am today.

30. That my brothers have grown into good men and good parents.

31. Gravity.

32. Larabars.

33. The wisdom and humor of my parents and grandparents.

34. Snowplows.

35. People who make me laugh.

36. Hugs.

37. Lavender oil.

38. Other people’s kitties.

39. Hot tea on a cold afternoon and a neighbor to share it with.

40. My body care team: physical therapist and massage therapist

41. Books by favorite authors that I save to read at just the right moment.

42. That publishers are still printing books at all.

43. The gift of writing the perfect sentence.

44. The lovely young lady who cleans my house.

45. Some brilliant, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that inventions: MP3 players, answering machines, electronic readers.

46. A writing room with a window and a door that closes.

47. That point when you know it’s going to be OK.

48. The grace and power of women in numbers united behind a common cause.

49. Living in a beautiful piece of the world.

50. The sparkle of icicles as they melt.

51. Shopping on the web.

52. More hugs.

53. Opportunities to catch up with old friends.

54. The drama of intense weather rolling in.

55. The crackling paper sound when I open a new book.

56. Soft, soft fabrics.

57. Watching the fawns play in the back yard.

58. The smell of pumpkin ginger spice bread baking in the oven.

59. A good education and a love of reading.

60. Just being.

61. A soak in the steamy hot tub after aquajogging class.

62. Getting and sending real letters. Like with stamps and everything.

63. Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack to “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

64. “This American Life” on NPR.

65. Two stamps on my passport.

66. Sipping a nice glass of wine while making dinner.

67. That I can buy myself a bottle of wine without feeling guilty.

68. Women whom I want to be when I grow up.

69. Beaches (the geographical items, not the movie.)

70. Men without testosterone poisoning.


72. Homemade apple crisp warm from the oven.

73. Vegetables fresh from the farm.

74. A drawer full of clean socks and underwear.

75. Hot showers.

76. Well-written movies and TV shows. (Yes, there are some.)

77. Neighbors helping neighbors.

78. Making a food gift for someone special and thinking about him or her all the while.

79. Garrison Keillor

80. Movies that make me sniffy.

81. People who know how to change tires and stuff.

82. A new Janet Evanovich book.

83. Knowing that I’m not the only person who watches the Superbowl for the commercials.

84. Full moons on clear nights.

85. The way the air smells after a thunderstorm.

86. Being able to pass along family history.

87. My compounding pharmacist.

88. Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. In moderation.

89. Knowing that my family is in good health.

90. Microwave heat packs.

91. Microwaves.

92. A good night’s sleep.

93. Finding the perfect gift for someone special.

94. Paying it forward.

95. Sitting down with a hot mug of tea to read your favorite blogs.

96. The right words at the right time.

97. Lunch with a friend.

98. Knowing there’s a new box in the pantry.

99. Unscheduled time.

100. Starting new traditions.

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